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Leaflet Delivery services know that there’s a weight of evidence to show that leaflet distribution is one of the most effective marketing techniques available. Research proves that far from being junk mail, people read the leaflets that they receive through their letterbox and are more likely to act on its content than respond to most other forms of marketing. In these days of falling national and local newspaper circulation, reducing television advertising (with sky+ who watches tv adverts these days?) many companies are turning to letterbox marketing as the best way to reach their target audience.

So why is door to door marketing so effective? Well unlike other forms of marketing, particular on line marketing, leaflet delivery is a physical and tactile media which makes it highly memorable. Add to that that nearly 50% of all householders report that they retain leaflets that they receive, storing them in kitchen drawers, on a pinboard or stuck to their fridges etc.
National research demonstrates the strength of door drop campaigns and the most recent research shows that door to door campaigns actually support and enhance online marketing. Leaflets don’t just get people into shops and stores they can prompt people to go online and take advantage of the services being offered.

Leaflet Delivery services across Yorkshire have always been successful when there in trusted hands.

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Effectiveness statistic 1

More householders remember receiving a particular door drop leaflet than remember any other marketing channel.

Leaflet Delivery

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The majority of the UK’s top advertisers use leaflet distribution as part of their marketing portfolio.

Leaflet Delivery

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Customers are highly likely to respond to leaflets that offer money off or have a form of special offer

Leaflet Delivery

Leaflet Distribution

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The vast majority of householders are happy to regularly receive unsolicited mail from retailers.

Leaflet Delivery

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We have found that our Clients have had really good responses to their leaflet campaigns, delivering an excellent return on the minimal investment involved.  We’ve found that local companies offering local services to local people and using a local leaflet provider to do so are a winning combination.

Leaflet Distribution is one of the best ways of advertising by far so book now and get your business booming NOW.